Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to the appointment for pain and injury rehab?

After the initial consultation the session will be held in a gym environment to allow access to equipment needed in the session. Appropriate clothing such as shorts, jogging bottoms and t-shirt is reccomended. Lockers and changing facilities as well as a fresh towel will all be provided.

How long do sessions last and how many will I need for pain and injury rehab?

Sessions all last between 45 - 60 minutes. Session frequency will depend on your type of pain and injury and how long you have had it. On average we see our clients between 2 - 6 sessions. Our aim is always to see improvement as quickly as possible.

Do you take health funds?

We offer rebates on all your health funds.

Can I meet you or call you first before committing to a service?

Yes of course. We offer a 15 min consultation to all enquirers. We pride ourselves in offering a friendly non intimidating service. Get in contact and let us answer any questions you may have without having to commit.

What kind of injuries do you normally treat?

Our biggest condition we seem to see is low back pain, specifically herniated discs. We are confident in the pain relieving and long term benefits of exercise on treating this specifc issue. Our next biggest condtion is in the shoulder and neck region. Both joints are highly mobile and coined with the modern desk lifestyle painful conditions seem prevelant. Again strengthening the area has a powerful effect for long term relief. We also see knee and hip pain as well as various types of tendonosis at different sites. We use the same methods of slowly building up strength and tollerance in the area of pain.

Do I need a Gym membership for Personal Training?

No membership is needed to come and train with us. You will need to buy a one of social membership for the club. This costs $5 for the year and gives you unlimited entry into the City Tattersalls club. Bathroom facilities are available and a fresh towel provided on arrival.

Is there a minimum amount of time I need to commit for personal training?

The minimum length of time for personal training we ask is 12 weeks. All the adaptations of strength, muscle, stability and fat loss do not happen overnight. 12 weeks allows us to work through 3 cycles of training (4 week blocks). Which is enough time for you to physically see and feel the difference.

Will I be provided with a training program to do myself?

Yes, alongside your one on one session you will be provided a program to complete to keep you moving towards your goals.